Hire a 5/6 person hot tub for your stay with prices starting at £179 for 2 days+1 night

Make your holiday even more special!

Delivered to the lodge on your day of arrival clean, fresh and sanitized. You know that no-one else has been in it before you with fresh water and lots of accessories to add that luxury touch. 

(Only available for stays of 3 days or more, guests book directly with our hot tub hire partner "Snowdonia Hot Tub Hire")

Hot tub
Hire Days and Rates (Guide)

3 Day (2 usable days + 1 night)    £179
4 Day (3 usable days + 2 nights)  £189
5 Day (4 usable days + 3 nights)  £199
7 Day (6 usable days + 5 nights)  £249 

Please See information above on how to book your hot tub for your stay. Your booking is solely with Snowdonia Hot Tub Hire and you agree to their terms and conditions when you book. Fronwen Lodge cannot accept any responsibility for anything to do with your hire.